Orthodontics without braces (SureSmile/Invisalign)

Orthodontics without braces (SureSmile/Invisalign)

Whether you are an adult or an adolescent, the idea of wearing braces to straighten your teeth is not exciting. Thankfully, there is a clear alternative called SureSmile/Invisalign.

This revolutionary product has been available for many years and has been used successfully by over 3 million patients.

How SureSmile/Invisalign works

With SureSmile/Invisalign, you wear translucent aligners that move gradually your teeth to the position desired by your dentist. These plastic aligners are custom made for you and must be worn 20 to 22 hours per day. As your teeth move, you need to change aligners (about every 2 weeks). The aligners can be removed temporarily to brush your teeth or for special occasions.

How patients benefit from SureSmile/Invisalign

For a cost similar to the one for braces, patients benefit in many ways:

  • Aligners are almost invisible. Almost no one will notice that you are wearing something to straighten your teeth.
  • No food restrictions since you remove your aligners when you eat.
  • Good oral hygiene is not so easy with braces. With SureSmile/Invisalign, you remove your aligners and do as usual.
  • Aligners are comfortable to wear. No metal wires that can prick you.

Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces

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